Prepared to help you with ...
    Business Law
         Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, etc.
    Estate Planning
        Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, etc.
    Trust Administration
        Lifetime and Post Death Administration
    Probate and Small Estate Administration
        Asset Collection and Distribution
I am committed to providing exceptional legal representation, and I am pleased to have served clients throughout Southern California since 1982. I limit my practice to the areas of the law I enjoy so that I can provide my clients with the finest legal representation at a reasonable cost.
Business Law

  • Corporations, LLC's, General and Limited Partnerships, and Proprietorships
  • Formation of business entities
  • Resolving business disputes
  • Drafting and reviewing business agreements
  • Negotiating leases and purchases
  • Transferring equity or other interests in businesses to heirs and beneficiaries at death
  • Selling, purchasing, or merging a business
  • Protecting trade secrets and confidential information
  • Terminating, dissolving, and distributing assets of a business
Estate Planning
  • Preparing trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and related documents
  • Avoiding the cost and delay of probate
  • Planning for temporary or permanent incapacity
  • Eliminating, minimizing, and postponing taxes
  • Protecting those with special needs arising from disability, injury, or illness
  • Pre-marriage planning
  • Transferring business interests to family members and business associates
Trust Administration
  • Administering trust assets during the lifetime of the person creating the trust
  • Administration of trust assets after the death of the person creating the trust
Probate and Small Estate Administration
  • Determining whether or not probate is necessary at death
  • Identifying assets that can be distributed without formal process
  • Collecting and distributing assets of a small estate without probate
  • Administration of a decedent's assets through probate